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Jobs With Justice and the Economic Policy Institute Launch

New Site Contains Valuable Data on “H” Guestworker Programs, Including Location of Employers Utilizing H-1B Visas CONTACTS: Ori Korin, or 202-393-1044 x126 Dan Crawford, or 202-331-5542 Washington, D.C. —Jobs With Justice Education Fund and the Economic Policy Institute announced today the launch of, a new website showcasing previously nonpublic data on the “H” temporary foreign worker visa programs—commonly referred to as “guestworker” programs. The data were acquired from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) I-129 petition data through extensive Freedom of Information Act requests. The data that are publicly released by USCIS say very little about the occupations or the employers of visa holders, where they are located, or the wages they are being paid. Indeed, USCIS and the State Department publish almost nothing about the programs, except for a general annual report and the total number of visas issued. is the first time USCIS data on which employers use guestworker programs and where they are located are available to the general public. “There are likely around 2 million guestworkers in the United States, which represents a sizable portion of our workforce about which very little data are available,” said EPI Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research Daniel Costa. “ is an important first step to understanding the role that guestworkers play in our economy. Any comprehensive immigration reform package—or executive actions taken by President Obama on immigration—has to address the fact that these workers have fewer legal protections and are more easily exploited than their U.S. counterparts.” “Before rushing to expand U.S. guestworker programs that have the potential to lower labor standards and... read more

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